Sons of Anarchy

The Syrian Orthodox Church was established by St.Peter, the chief of the Apostles and the first patriarch in AD 37 at Antioch (now Antakya in Turkey). The church suffered all kinds of tortures and hardships from all quarters right from its establishment, but its flag still soars high. Today the church is spread around the globe spanning 27 countries headed by a patriarch residing at Damascus in Syria.

Generous hands are Blessed hands.

Proverbs 22:9-10

It is unfortunate that anarchy is regarded as a purely negative thing. I've met several anarchists and they aren't bomb wielding maniacs with agendas to take us back to the Dark Ages. Instead they are against the old forms of government. Ever since the end of World War Two Nazi propaganda tactics have been combined with Freudian psychology to sell us a certain reality tunnel. Education and the mass media have been as much as turning citizens into placid robots as it has been about opening up the potential of the human mind for thought, expression and powerful intuition.

Academia is horribly slow in catching up. It is almost a rule that any break-through in the sciences will only become orthodoxy after being ridiculed by the presiding generation of professors. None of Einstein's revered peers endorsed his radical new theories of the space-time continuum. At the end of Einstein's life when he was placed as the leading mind of his age he too ridiculed the theories of new up and coming physicists that have since Einstein's passing become universally accepted.

Sons of Anarchy advocate a breaking down of the barriers of authority and the systems of repression built into state education programs. We reject the agenda foisted upon us by the mass media. We look to the fringes, the outsiders and the visionaries who now seem mad, but in the future will be revered. Most of all we reject the asymmetry of information that helps the ruling elite hide the true reality of how they are exploiting and cheating the masses. For example, why is that democrats argue with republicans and socialists with capitalists over the spending of tax money? They are hijacking the debate when what we should be continually asking is how much of my tax dollar is being given in contracts to the military-industrial complex? You moan about asylum seekers and Mexicans and any vulnerable outsider but how much of your tax dollar really goes to these people? How much goes to people who are already impractically rich? Are you stupid enough to imagine that they will let you join their ranks or that the over time you put in at work will really change your position in society?

It is only by a clear presentation of the facts that matter and the subsequent ground swell of desire for change will things ever get better. Every day the news should remind us that there is no such thing as an 'eco car' and that carbon levels have reached critical levels. Instead they tell us about some stupid little rally on the stock market.

A true anarchists loves the people and wants to see real democracy - the will of the people represented and carried out by the people and a total removal of the systems of nescience that maintain the position of an unworthy ruling elite. Every man can be a ruler.

The Importance of Reducing Home Bills

At the start of the latest century many people were under the illusion that house prices could only ever go up. Economies around the world were booming, apart from the slight concern over pollution and climate change the future looked exceptionally rosy for both the middle class and the working class. Everyone was encouraged to buy things on credit, to take out loans using their homes as collateral. Consumption was good and it just made everyone richer.

The proverbial matter hit the fan in 2008 with the global financial disaster, and since then things have generally gone from bad to worse. Despite the mass media telling us that the recovery is just around the corner, it is hard to find any real evidence of this. Governments pump billions of Dollars and Euros into failing economies and demand ‘the people’ accept austerity measures. It seems to only be the top executives of Wall Street and Thread Needle Street financial institutions that are doing better than ever.

In November 2011 the International Energy Agency released figures that showed that unless the world enacts the most far-reaching and stringent controls on carbon emissions then the consequences would inevitably be catastrophic flooding, mass extinctions and the transformation of the Amazon rainforest into a desert.

All of this means that we have to face up to reality. No more buying on credit, no more relying on world leaders to make everything great again. We must save money and find ways to reduce outgoings. One of the best places to start is to reduce home bills. This reduces carbon emissions and saves you money.

There are several ways to reduce home bills. Here are a few suggestions:

1)    Change all your incandescent light bulbs for compact fluorescent light bulbs. CFLs last 13 times longer than incandescent light bulbs and use 75% less electricity. Another possibility is LED lights that last even longer. You can buy cheap LED lights for sheds that run on solar power.
2)    If you don’t have one then get a digital programmable thermostat. Look for the Energy Star approval rating. Honeywell, Hunter and Lux Products do good programmable thermostats. If sensible settings are used heating and cooling bills can be cut by as much as 30% a year.
3)    Get a low flow shower head. These cost as little as $25 and can reduce water consumption by half when taking a shower. They do so by mixing air with water. There is virtually no difference in the actual experience of taking a shower.
4)    Either unplug devices that go on stand-by or buy a smart strip that overrides standby. Digital displays etc. that stay permanently on waste electricity and provide no appreciable benefit.
5)    Replace old energy inefficient fridges, TVs, washing machines and air-con units with more efficient models. They will pay for themselves in the long run.
6)    Try to better insulate your home, and keep doors shut to keep heat in. Hunt out the cracks around doors and windows that are leaking heat and do what you can to block them.

The more you start to take actions to reduce your home bills the more money that you will save. This money can be spent on bigger energy saving strategies such as double glazing and solar energy. The more you save the more you reduce carbon emissions and the better you make your financial security in the future.

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