Sons of Anarchy

Political and Physical Health

Those of us who take an active interest in politics and the state of our nation are often also concerned with the state of our bodies. This is why to be able to participate fully in society, it is vital that we take care of our bodies. The right sorts of food and drink gives us the required energy for both physical exertion and mental focus. Every cell in our body runs on sugar. Therefore whether we are campeigning or demonstrating, using our physical body or debating, using our mental prowess, our need for the right kind of fuel is apparent.

Fruits, vegetables, nuts and legumes, in other words, (whole) plant foods, are pretty much the best that mother nature has to offer. I like politicians with principals rather than those who pander to fickle voter appetites. In the same way, I want to avoid processed foods designed to taste good, but don’t have any nutritional substance. Put simply, we should all eat more fruits and vegetables. This is a principal that we would all do well to live by. Making juices from whole fruits will help you to live the kind of life you were born to lead.

Youtube has information about the best juicer for overall health. This kind of information was unavailable to us just 10 years ago. The internet is a powerful resource that should be used for the good of mankind