Sons of Anarchy

Brutal Syrian Presidents Scandalous Emails

The Syrian government of late has made it very hard for fans of freedom to express themselves without serious consequences.  This makes the recent release of emails taken from the Syrian presidents account particularly irksome.

While his government does everything it can to maintain power, he continues his daily life as normal.  For the citizens protesting against his regime, this must be absolutely galling!  The emails have revealed scantily clad images of a girl with long black hair, something that is certain to outrage Syria’s more pious citizens even more than his outrageous abuses of the citizenry.

As he continues to oppress his people, the nation of Syria continues its’ descent into downright anarchy.  The outside world watches helplessly as he – with continued support from a couple of major UN security council members – continues his activities without sanction.

Our thoughts and prayers go the oppressed and dying in Syria, and we hope that someday soon their situation changes for the better!