Sons of Anarchy

A True American Rebel!

When I read about men and women that have devoted their lives to a worthy cause, I’ve got to admit that it often makes me feel quite inadequate. These people regularly take on authority, seemingly without a second thought for their own personal safety or freedom. The depth of their spirit seems unlimited and it often makes me wonder what it is that sets these people apart from the rest of us mere mortals?

Oh how I would love to be more like them, but it is just not in my nature. I am by design a law abiding citizen, someone for who civil disobedience is an anathema. I’m not saying I wouldn’t love to be at the head of a mass demonstration, or lead a picket line against a tyrannical boss, but my natural inclination is to toe the line, which means I tend not to get involved.

Recently I was trying to think of a time when the rebel in me had seen the light of day, and I’m embarrassed to say that those times have been few and far between. I do remember one time though, a few days after I’d just bought the best electric shaver I could afford. I woke up late that day and in my rush to get dressed and ready for work, I left home without taking a shave! Not much in comparison to some peoples achievements, but for an entire working day the rebel inside me swelled with pride for at least 9 hours!